About Gravity

At Magic Planet, there is a place where you and Gravity play and never-ending exciting game of tag. Where excitement is measured by the way you defy gravity and challenge it by taking leaps of faith.

Located within Magic Planet, Gravity is an arena where you are surrounded by 360 degrees of jump poten-tial.

Whether an acrobat, aspiring ninja or a jump enthusiast, Gravity is the foremost location for you to get your jump on.

Gravity offers many activities to choose from, which include:

Dunk Court

Airtime… the substance that professional basketball players are known for! How much airtime do you have? Perform the basketball dunks of your dreams rivalling any NBA All-Star. Gain air like never before and take dunking to a whole new level.

Foam Pit

With the Foam Pit came the saying, “With great heights, come softer landings!” Have the courage to fly the highest you can go without the worry of a hard landing. Let your courage guide you when you soar high and land soft! This is what our Foam Pit is all about!!!

Main Court

Bounce in the tranquility of your own space. Learn the basics of defying gravity while in a controlled, moni-tored environment.