iFLY Kids Club

The First ever “Pre-18 iFlyers” Club is now launched at iFLY Dubai!

A group of remarkably skilled “pre-18s”, who have flown at iFly Dubai at least once before, can now gather and practice in our tunnel to improve their sky diving techniques for 1 hour . After the practice kids can enjoy a delicious free dinner catered by Max Burger at the exclusive iFly VIP room.

What is the “Pre-18 iFlyers” Club?

Every last Thursday of the month is iFly’s “Pre-18 iFlyers” Club calendar event. This event takes place at the iFly VIP Room from 7 pm to 8 pm. This event is an exclusively members-only. Members get to enjoy a range of special offers, ranging from discounts to gifts.

How can you become a “Pre-18 iFlyer”?

If you are pre-18, have flown with iFly Dubai at least once and want to join the “Pre-18 iFlyers” Club, simply email iFly at: iFly@maf.co.ae (your name, age* and contact number to register**). If you have flown with iFly before, membership is FREE.

Become an iFlyer now.