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Little Explorers Workshops

Discover the Workshops

At the heart of Little Explorers is the interactive and dynamic workshop room. Here, children manipulate, explore, learn and play together in mixed activities. With constant variations in themes, a workshop includes 30 to 45 mins hands-on activities every day on the hour. Our skillful edutainment animation team will ensure that every experience is unique, informative and entertaining..

Arts and Crafts Workshops

Let your kids enjoy a wide range of Arts and Crafts by developing their creative and imaginative skills through color combination, crafts assembly and decoration.


Your little ones will be the cutest egg hunter on the block while wearing their colorful bunny crown. They’ll learn all about Easter in a wonderfully engaging way.

LA FIESTA! (May 1-15)

Liven up this year’s Cinco de Mayo celebration when your kids create their very own piñata.

MOONLIGHTS! (May 16-31)

Your little ones will learn about the festive season of Ramadan by crafting their own assorted lamp craft kit to light up the night.


Ready for a warm breezy day? Children will learn about climate and temperatures and make super cool kites that soar high in the sky.

Culinary Workshops

In the Culinary Workshops kids will develop special skills by decorating and creating fun and colorful designs of different sweets and snacks.

ROLL AND BAKE! (April 1-30)


Children will enjoy rolling their own pizza dough into round shapes and adding tomato sauce plus tasty cheese toppings that they’ll bake instantly.

YUMMY TREATS! (May 1-31)

Your little ones will be on cloud nine decorating their own Cinnamon Roll with CREAM-ilicious icing and sweet colorful candies that they can take home.

COLD DELIGHTS! (June 1-30)

Kids will be over the moon as they choose four scoops of ice cream and decorate them with colorful sweets of their choice.

Special Workshops

Special Workshops are designed for advanced Arts and Crafts skills to enhance creativity.

SUPER POWER! (April 1-30)

Children will learn about electricity by making a simple circuit board that will spark their thinking power.

PAINT GALORE! (May 1-31)

Children will enjoy dipping their brushes in paint of all colors! They’ll paint their own Canvas Board that they can hang on the wall with pride.

MUG ALERT! (June 1-30)

Your kids will paint their own adorable mugs, perfect for any cold beverages to beat the heat!



Inspire your little ones with this unique artistic experience. This peaceful activity will teach them a hands-on way to express their imagination.



Your kids’ imagination will definitely bloom as they decorate their own pot and grow plants in it. They’ll also learn to be more environmentally conscious.



Half the fun of playing your favorite musical instrument is looking awesome while doing it. Let them rock and roll with their own sound effects for an unforgettable musical performance.



Children will embrace this festival of joy. They will prepare a sweet basket that they can share to spread the sweetness with their loved ones.