Little Explorers Workshops

Special Workshops



Kids imaginations will bloom while decorating their own pot craft and growing live plants in this charming special project. They will learn about the plant life cycle and the parts that are best to grow a plant.



Half the appeal of playing your favorite musical instrument is to look awesome while doing it. Let them Rock ‘N Roll with their own sound effects and create unforgettable musical performances.


Let your little ones get inspired with this functional art experience that’s uncommon to most children. This soothing and contemplative activity is to help them increase mental imagery and visualization.

Discover the Workshops

At the heart of Little Explorers is the interactive and dynamic workshop room. Here, children manipulate, explore, learn and play together in mixed activities. With constant variations in themes, a workshop includes 30 to 45 mins hands-on activities every day on the hour. Our skillful edutainment animation team will ensure that every experience is unique, informative and entertaining.

Arts and Crafts Workshops

Let your kids enjoy a wide range of Arts and Crafts by developing their creative and imaginative skills through color combinations, crafts assembly and decoration.

BRR-ILLIANT NEW YEAR! (January 1-15)

Children can celebrate New Year in style by decorating a festive hat they would love to wear.

CLOWNING AROUND! (January 16-31)

Children will learn about the circus, carnival, games and activities. They will craft their own spectacular carnival animal craft.

YOU’RE BEARY SPECIAL! (February 1-14)

It’s a perfect activity which involves creating an adorable accent for little one’s while spending some quality time. They will learn facts about bears and craft a “BEARY “ special gift they will cherish forever.

BESTFRIENDS! (February 15-28)

The dog is man's best friend. What if you could have one of your own? Create a dog craft and make a new best friend to take home.

8’S PARTY TIME! (March 1-16)

(Anniversary Month)

Turn something plain into something extraordinary with this fun-filled project. Makes a creative gift craft wherever you wish to hand out handmade favors.


Put a colorful spin on your spring holidays.

Have your little ones enjoy crafting their own bunny headband that’s perfect for the season.

Culinary Workshops

In the Culinary Workshops kids will develop special skills by decorating and creating fun and colorful designs of different sweets and snacks.

CUPCAKE FEVER! (January 1-31)

Children will prepare their own freshly baked cupcakes with sweet decorative candies and colorful toppings to welcome 2018.

SWEET KEBAB! (February 1-28)

It’s sweetness overload as your little ones prepare their own kebabs made with marshmallows, fresh fruits and chocolate syrup, then sprinkled with sweet candies all over. It’s ready to eat!

HOT OVEN! (March 1-31)

Children will make their own delicious Papa John margharita pizza with tomato sauce, cheese toppings and basil leaves. They are free to take it home or have it right away.