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Little Explorers Workshops

Discover theWorkshops

At the heart of Little Explorers is the interactive and dynamic workshop room. Here, children manipulate, explore, learn and play together in mixed activities. With constant variations in themes, a workshop includes 30 to 45 mins hands-on activities every day on the hour. Our skillful edutainment animation team will ensure that every experience is unique, informative and entertaining.

Arts and Crafts Workshops

Let your kids enjoy a wide range of Arts and Crafts by developing their creative and imaginative skills through color combination, crafts assembly and decoration.


Children will learn the different shapes and colors. Your little ones will be thrilled decorating colorful Asian hats perfect for cooling off during the Summer.

FUN-TASTIC! (August 1-31)

Children will have the chance to enjoy fun summer days by engaging in different activities, including creating their own hand fan, an activity that will help improve their social skills.

FEATHERY-FLOCK! (September 1-30)

Children will learn about the anatomy of birds and their life cycle. Crafting a whole flock of feathery friends from colorful craft materials.

Culinary Workshops

In the Culinary Workshops kids will develop special skills by decorating and creating fun and colorful designs of different sweets and snacks.

EAT & LOOK FRESH! (July 1-31)

Teaching young children the importance of healthy eating is CRUCIAL. Children will learn how to select the right kinds of food to create a balanced diet.

ICE POP! (August 1-31)

Children will enjoy the captivating fun of mixing sweet ingredients together to make their very own ice pop to take home!

HAPPY TUMMY! (September 1-30)

Children will be thrilled to choose four scoops of ice cream and will be free to decorate with colorful sweets as desired.

Special Workshops

Special Workshops are designed for advanced Arts and Crafts skills to enhance creativity.

PAINTS & BRUSHES! (July 1-31)

Children will learn how to use their paints and brushes with skill when painting their favorite ceramic crafts.

SUN AND SAND! (August 1-31)

Allow your children’s imagination to roam freely as they explore different colors of sand to put in their very own work of art.

COLOR SHADING! (September 1-30)

Children will enjoy painting their own coin bank and will be encouraged to start saving money to use for the future.