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Little Explorers Workshops

Discover theWorkshops

At the heart of Little Explorers is the interactive and dynamic workshop room. Here, children manipulate, explore, learn and play together in mixed activities. With constant variations in themes, a workshop includes 30 to 45 mins hands-on activities every day on the hour. Our skillful edutainment animation team will ensure that every experience is unique, informative and entertaining.

Arts and Crafts Workshops

Let your kids enjoy a wide range of Arts and Crafts by developing their creative and imaginative skills through color combination, crafts assembly and decoration.

AMAZING BIRDS! (April 1-15)

Children will learn about birds, their habitats and types while making this stunning Bird’s Nest.

IT’S SPRING TIME! (April 16-30)

Kids will be delighted to learn about spring – the season of new beginnings – and all the changes in weather and the environment when they create their own Butterfly.

LET’S RECYCLE! (May 1-15)

Children will know the importance of conservation, the science of composting, most importantly, recycling, when they create their own recycled pot craft to bring home.

HELLO HOLY DAYS! (May 16 untill end of Ramadan)

Children will understand the meaning of Ramadan by crafting their own Ramadan Lanterns that will surely brighten their days.

CLOCK WISE! (June 18-30)

When they make and decorate their own Handy Clock craft, the younger ones will learn how to tell the time by developing their spatial-temporal skills and improving their mathematical abilities.

Culinary Workshops

In the Culinary Workshops kids will develop special skills by decorating and creating fun and colorful designs of different sweets and snacks.


Rejoice! Get inspired by our worth of tasty and creative healthy snacks for Kids. Kids will learn to preparing their own healthy fruit snacks to pack home.


Your little ones will have loads of fun when they make their own design with a full plate of fish biscuits.


Yummy! Kids will learn the basic technique of making cupcakes, then take home their very own decorated Cupcake.

Special Workshops

Special Workshops are designed for advanced Arts and Crafts skills to enhance creativity.


Children will enjoy dipping their brushes in paint of all colors! They’ll paint their own Canvas Board that they can hang on the wall with pride.


As they experiment by mixing different colors and discover new ways to paint on Canvas, your kids will develop their cognitive skills and imagination.

MOON AND LIGHT! (May 16 until End of Ramadan)

Ramadan is inching closer… so it’s time the little ones joined the festivities by painting their own Lamp Craft!