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About Us

Little Explorers is an exciting mix of education and entertainment for children from two to seven, with a focus on learning and acquiring skills in a fun, safe environment, unique to Playnation.

Little Explorers

Organized in five fun-filled distinct zones, Little Explorers offers a fascinating, varied and unique experience, allowing children to:

Build their individual and social identity
Define their spatial and time-related reference points
Enhance their thought processes and stimulate their quest for knowledge
Develop their first scientific and technical experiments
Foster cognitive maturing and to exercise the body (specially designed for non-reading visitors)

Little Explorers

The five Zones within Little Explorers are:

I Discover Myself
Where children are the key players who conduct an investigation into precisely who they are. They take part in experiments that build awareness of their own social identity.

I Can Do
Children participate in games and experiments that stimulate and enhance their thought processes and capacities to learn.

I Locate Myself
Children become explorers and adventurers. The initial objective is to help children construct their spatial points of reference. There is also a focus on allowing children to experience and enjoy their own bodies in movement.

All Together
This area fosters group activities which favor working in groups of two, three or more. The key objective of this zone is building social skills.

I locate Myself
Children confront elements from their daily environment, water, air and light. The objective is to offer an introduction to scientific and technical disciplines.

As well as the discovery areas, there are workshop rooms and a retail space. Little Explorers isn’t just for children; parents, custodians and teachers who accompany the children are educational partners and are an integral part of this unique experience. Together you can experience the joy of discovery with your children.

Fast Facts:

Little Explorers is an Edutainment Centre combining education and entertainment
Little Explorers surface area is 2000m2
Little Explorers has the capacity to hold 400 people
Little Explorers has 97 different exhibits across 5 Zones designed specifically for children between the ages of two to seven
Animator Staff come with a minimum of two years KG teaching and with experience and a knowledge of early childhood education
Little Explorers has facilities that accommodate guests with physical disabilities, and a customer service assistant will be made available to guest during off peak periods
Little Explorers provides workshops which have been designed for children between the ages of two to seven, with duration of 90 minutes
The workshop has school packages which can be tailored to the individual group needs.
Little Explorers creative and educational workshops and exhibits are complimentary to the school curriculums of the UAE
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Little Explorers

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